Outstanding Ability & Artisanship

Opulent Homes is a full-service company known for technical ability and outstanding artisanship. Not limited by architectural style, complexity of design or the size of the project; an Opulent Home is an excellent investment in quality and demands some of the highest resale prices.


Opulent Homes constructs premium quality homes designed to enhance the owner’s living experience. With more than 30 years of combined Architectural/Master Builder experience, you will be working with a team focused on providing unparalleled construction knowledge, architectural design, and a hands-on approach that incorporates your ideas into your new.

Relentless Commitment to You

Our relentless commitment to ensuring your new home is reflective of all your personal needs and those of your family, is our cornerstone. From the moment you call us at Opulent Homes to the moment we place the keys in your hands, you will know that you and your family are taken care of during the entire process.

Family First

Our Family First Philosophy begins with a self-supportive Family Safe Room that safeguards a family of 6, and their pets, from an F-5 tornado, and provides a protective environment from other potential life-threatening occasions. The Family Safe Room features a Honda “Whisper Quiet” generator, dual ventilation and fresh air system, emergency first aid kit, and a fully stocked food pantry, all dedicated to you, and your family’s, well-being and security.

Customer Service & Communication

Customer service and communication are the hallmarks of our professionally managed projects, which appear regularly in national and regional publications. The primary goal of Opulent Homes is to make your dreams become reality. With more than 30 years of combined experience, we take pride in providing you the highest level of architectural design and building expertise. You will be taken care of from the first consultation to the delivery of the keys to your new home.

Unbeatable Innovative Approach

Opulent Homes’ innovative approach to building provides potential home buyers with distinctive features our competition is unable to provide at the same competitive price point. You gain style, safety