Asymmetric Top Molecules. Part 3 - download pdf or read online

By W. Hüttner, J. Demaison (auth.), W. Hüttner (eds.)

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Volume II/29 "Molecular Constants often from Microwave, Molecular Beam, and Sub-Doppler Laser Spectroscopy" is deliberate to seem as a sequence A, B, C and D1, D2, D3 for the diamagnetic, and E for the paramagnetic linear and polyatomic species, respectively. Like within the preseding volumes II/24 and II/19, that have seemed within the years round 1999 and 1992, respectively, the diamagnetic elements are prepared within the demeanour urged by way of Hill ("Hill's system", 1900), which means a virtually strict alphabetical order. The ionic species are incorporated within the alphabetical association of the impartial ones in every one desk. the data is grouped in a different way compared to the former volumes. All correct homes of a molecule and the corresponding parameters are available centred lower than its sum formulation in quantity II/29. this diminishes the necessity of turning pages simply because rotational and similar constants, dipole moments, boundaries to inner rotation, hyperfine coupling parameters, or Zeeman information have been hitherto indexed in numerous tables. the current subvolume II/29D3 comprises info for uneven most sensible molecules.

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121 (1999) 4023. : 3716-97-0 C N C N The isotopic species are labeled according to Structural data: See [02Pet]. : J. Mol. Struct. 612 (2002) 315; Erratum: J. Mol. Struct. 649 (2003) 69. : 194790-43-7 Structural data: See [00Oh] (Ar is located above the ring, somewhat shifted towards Cl). : J. Chem. Phys. 113 (2000) 9051. : 142209-47-0 See also: 24-469 Ar is located above the center of the benzene ring. : J. Mol. Struct. 446 (1998) 55. : 108-86-1 See also: 6-274b; 4-181 The isotopic species are labelled according to Structural data: See [03Pee].

Spectrosc. 217 (2003) 123. : J. Phys. Chem. A 108 (2004) 2645. : J. Mol. Struct. 607 (2002) 19. : 367-27-1 F F The spectrum was assigned to the cis-conformer, in which the O-H bond is directed towards the adjacent F atom. : J. Mol. Struct. 642 (2002) 93. : 32799-25-0 O Fe C C O CH2 C O C O Structural data: See [99Dro]. : J. Am. Chem. Soc. 121 (1999) 4023. : 3716-97-0 C N C N The isotopic species are labeled according to Structural data: See [02Pet]. : J. Mol. Struct. 612 (2002) 315; Erratum: J.

J. Mol. Spectrosc. 119 (1986) 267. 1007/978-3-642-14145-4_2 © Springer 2011 Landolt-Börnstein New Series II/29D3 Ref. p. 2 above for the definition of the external field magnetic interaction parameters. These expressions are relevant for analyzing magnetic-field splittings (Zeeman effects). 2, the magnetic field interaction energies are formulated in terms of tensor quantities (g-factors, magnetizabilities, and nuclear shielding). The theory of these tensor elements is collected in eqs. 2. 2.

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