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By Hermann Hunger

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LA GUB-rnaJ a The Wolf star is [Mars]; the Lion star is [Leo]; - Mars lstands in Leo]. ]: there wil[ be] a revolt. e'ru- b ba-ar-tü ib-b|a-dğ-İi] Rev. 26 (see LAs "ı II App. J). FIom Nabü-ahhe-eriba. 7f Cf. ACh 2 supp 63 iv 2-4. 27 STATE ARCHIVBS OF ASSYRIA VIII 46. l\tr' l ü-ğe-tdq l ıq i-ğd-[kan] RMA 274E l The moon will compllete] the day in Tammuz (IV); on the 14th day, it will b[e seenl with the sun. It will let the eclipse pass by; it will not makle itl. blank Rev. ü\8ğ] sU 47 . r'1 lFrom Nab0-ahhe]-eriba.

A. L lssAR_ğUMU_ERrğ 28. 5' uf the day] reaches its normal length: [a reignl of long days. sal-bqt\-a-nu mu-ğu an-ni-u [TA* ği. İ 3 This night, lMar]s came out [of] Cancer. s [Froml Issaı-öumu-ereS. Rev. blank 29. 5 ['İd']ı5 MU_KAM-eğ RMA ı 198 [If Re]gulus carıies radiance: lthe king of Akkad] will exeıçise complete dominion. ] and stands with Regulus. s [From'] Issar-öumu-ere5. Rev. blaıık 30. i RMA 244 t If the Old Man star comes to stand crase to the top of the moon and enters the moon: the king will stand in triumph, he will become old and lextend] his land; he will be happy about his land; there will be truth and justice in the land.

Iff Restored from no. 482. Photo pt. I. 13 STATE ARCHIVES OF ASSYRTA VIIT 21. Nıss c-lıe-rJ e-mu-ru-u-ni ina pa-an na-ma-ri ih-ıe-pe ki-mq ğa a-nq UJGAI' 8 beJi-ia ıi-du-u-ni 9 i0 standing. It amounts to an actual observation. 1 2 inq6 i-za-zu-u-ni 30 nö-ta-am-ra -1 am-rnar ta-mar-ti-ni 5 6 h 8 e-mı-ru-u-ni 4 i-bq-öİ-ği ü-ma-a üJGAL beJi ı5 Now, does not the king, my lold, (indeed) hear that they saw each other on the i-ğam-nıe-e ki-i UD-I4-KAM a-he-iİ '7 14th? 22. M$ GAR-4r? ILUGAL KUR Gığ. ZA üJa-bar __ BM 99201 I [If the moon and sun] are in balance: [the landl will become stable; freli]able [speech] will be placed in the mouth of people; [the king of the landl will make the throne last long.

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