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By David Morrell

ISBN-10: 0446600709

ISBN-13: 9780446600705

From the writer of The Covenant of the Flame and The 5th occupation. Brendan Buchanan is an undercover intelligence operative who has impersonated greater than two hundred humans within the final 8 years. yet now his multi-personality profession threatens to break him.

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Soon I won't be bored. His controller knocked on the door on schedule. m. on a Friday, and when Buchanan-MacDonald glanced through the door's security eye, then let him in, the short, gaunt man in a rumpled suit placed his briefcase on the living room's coffee table, waited for Buchanan-MacDonald to close and bolt the entrance, then studied his surroundings and asked, 'Which would you prefer? ' The hollow-cheeked controller opened his briefcase. 'I need your driver's license, your passport, your birth certificate, your credit cards, all of your documents for Brian MacDonald.

All these years later, without ever having set foot on a Mayan ruin, without ever having climbed a pyramid, without ever having stared face-to-face at the hook-nosed, high-cheeked, slope-browed visages of the Maya in the hieroglyphs, he was one of the top five Mayan epigraphers in the world (perhaps the top of the top, if he believed his wife's flattery), and soon - not tonight, of course, but tomorrow perhaps or certainly the day after - he'd have managed yet another flight, this one to a primitive airstrip, and have accomplished the difficult journey through the jungle to Tikal, to his life's preoccupation, to the center of his world, to the ruins.

Just tell me about Edward Potter. ' The pallid controller lowered his head, shook it, and sighed. ' '-sometimes you worry me. ' 'But you're not risking your ass if I forget who the hell I'm supposed to be. So don't fool with my life. ' Again the controller sighed. 'Whatever you want, Edward. Your wife divorced you because you were too devoted to your job and not enough to her and your two sons. She remarried. Because of the numerous threats you've received from drug dealers, she asked for and was granted a court order that forbids you to come anywhere near her and your children without prior approval from her and without guarantees of safety.

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