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58 Thus, these new constructions did not really solve the territorial questions bedeviling interwar Yugoslavia. 59 A sense of the differences between the regions in the Kingdom is apparent when examining the differential development between those areas that had been part of the Ottoman Empire and those that were part of the Habsburg Empire. 61 Yugoslavia’s economic problems were increasingly tied to the international economic situation, which was none too stable. 62 Right before the Great Depression, Great Britain and France withdrew financial credits from Yugoslavia.

Amid huge anti-Axis demonstrations in Serbian cities and smaller ones in Bosnia and other areas, Hitler rejected conciliatory policies proposed by the new government and invaded Yugoslavia on April 6 1941 without a prior declaration of war. After an eleven-day rout, Yugoslavia surrendered unconditionally on April 17, the King and the government having already left the country for exile in London on the 15th. Yugoslavia was divided among the Axis conquerors. Italy occupied Kosovo, Montenegro, and Dalmatia.

3), were largely represented by the Jugoslavenska muslimanska organizacija (Yugoslav Muslim Organization, or JMO). 46 This made the JMO a significant political player. The JMO was reasonably successful for a time in protecting the Muslim community’s socio-cultural perquisites, although two other goals were difficult to attain. 47 Finally, the JMO was hard pressed when it came to parrying attempts by the Serbs and Croats to acquire Muslim declarations of Serb or Croat nationhood, respectively. These machinations related to Serb and Croat efforts to dominate Bosnia by acquiring a majority control through Muslim acquiescence to one or the other’s blandishments.

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