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Based at the scholarship within the acclaimed educational Encyclopedia of Africa, that's aimed toward university and graduate scholars, this paintings offers Africa, from Egypt to Cape city and from prehistoric occasions to the current day, in a structure that's inviting to highschool scholars. The 4-vol. set spans many disciplines with its articles on animals, meals, vacation trips and gala's, tribal teams, ecology, track and paintings, exchange and the financial system, geography, faith, folklore, and fossil and skeletal discoveries. (20021101)

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South of the Tell are the Tell Atlas Mountains, which stretch eastward from Morocco. Beyond these mountains is the Highland Plateau. Mostly savanna*, the plateau is marked by shallow depressions that fill with water in the rainy season to form salt lakes called chotts. During the dry season, the water in these lakes evaporates, leaving behind salt deposits. Highly prized in ancient times, salt was the original source of Algeria’s wealth. Today, the Highland Plateau is home to nearly 7 percent of Algeria’s population, and most of the inhabitants make a living by keeping herds of sheep, goats, and cattle.

Farming is the main economic activity in many areas of Angola. About 80 percent of the Angolan people are engaged in subsistence farming, in which families grow only enough food for their own use. One of the principal food crops is manioc (or cassava), a plant with thick, starchy roots that are cooked and 26 africa_vol1 1/14/03 9:07 AM Page 27 Angola * maize corn * cash crop crop grown primarily for sale rather than for local consumption See map in Minerals and Mining (vol. 3). D. D. 1 1483 Portuguese explorers reach Angola 1975 Portugal grants Angola independence.

These towns formed an overland trade route for valuable goods such as ivory, tortoiseshell, and rhinoceros horn. Aksum grew wealthy from exporting these goods to trading partners along the shores of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. D. 200s Aksum began to mint coins of gold, silver, and copper that made it easier to trade with other lands. Most of these coins have been found in southern Arabia, one of the territories that Aksum controlled. Aksum reached the height of its power and influence in the 500s under King Kaleb.

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