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content material: Advances in pesticide formula expertise : an outline / Herbert B. Scher --
Stabilization of aqueous pesticidal suspensions by means of graft copolymers and their next susceptible flocculation through addition of unfastened polymer / D. Heath, Th. F. Tadros, R.D. Knott, and D.A. Knowles --
impression of bentonite at the rheology of aqueous pesticide suspension concentrates / D. Heath, Th. F. Tadros, P.K. Thomas, and R.P. Warrington --
The education of aqueous-based flowables ranging the pattern measurement from sub-gram to numerous gallons / R.W. Fraley --
Dispersion and grinding of insecticides / Leo A. Dombrowski and Martin Schieritz --
A computer-based process for the evaluate of sedimentation rates/shelf lifetime of pesticide flowables / J.P. Glatzhofer --
utilizing pcs within the improvement of pesticide formulations / Marion F. Botts --
Computer-assisted correlation research within the improvement of pesticide formulations / Pradip ok. Mookerjee --
automatic optimization of emulsifiers for pesticide emulsifiable concentrates / Ken Meusburger --
Microencapsulated insecticides and their results on non-target bugs / G.H. Dahl and J.R. Lowell, Jr. --
improvement of an aqueous-based managed liberate pheromone-pesticide approach / William H. Evans --
aid of propargite phototoxicity via spray drying / Robert F. Peterson, Jr. --
formula of organic insectides : surfactant and diluent choice / Michael G. Ward --
Steps of water dispersible granule improvement / J.F. Wright and N.I. Ibrahim --
research of pesticide formulations : institution of tools and collaborative trying out / J.R. Plimmer --
identity of glucosylated conjugates and oxygenated metabolites of nonionic surfactants in barley and rice leaf tissues / G.E. Stolzenberg, P.A. Olson, F.S. Tanaka, E.R. Mansager, and C.H. Lamoureux --
actual homes settling on chargeability of pesticide sprays / S. Edward legislation --
Compatibility and tank-mix checking out of insecticides / O.R. Tarwater.

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Clays and Clay Minerals, 6, 106 (1958). W. , Faraday Disc. Chem. , 57, 126 (1974). W. " (M. Kerker ed). vol IV p. 529, Academic press, New York, 1976. C. ) Pergamon Press London (1959). van Olphen, H. "An Introduction to Clay Colloid Chemistry", Interscience, London, 1977. , Disc. Faraday. Soc. 18, 120 (1954). Norrish, K. , "Proceedings of the 10th National Conference Clays and Clay Minerals", p. 123, Pergamon Press, New York, 1961. , Disc. Faraday Soc. 11, 82, (1952). van Olphen, H. "Proceedings of the 4th National Conference Clays and Clay Minerals" p.

1, 153 (1962). , J . Colloid Sci. 6, 162 (1951). , Matarase, R. , Colloids and Surfaces, 7, 1 (1983). , Rheol. Acta. 1, 115 (1958); J. Colloid Sci. 16, 284 (1961). , Rheol. Acta. 11, 73 (1972). 20 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1984. 4 The Preparation of Aqueous-Based Flowables Ranging the Sample Size from Sub-Gram to Several Gallons R. W. FRALEY SDS Biotech Corporation, World Headquarters, Painesville, OH 44077 In the course o is often necessar formulations for advanced greenhouse testing as well as for field plot work.

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