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By Sálim Ali

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For ornithologists, normal heritage fanatics, environmentalists, and beginner birdwatchers, this revised version of a 1983 ebook is key because the merely single-volume consultant to be had of birds in India. in contrast to related books, which in basic terms disguise one area or even then just a small component to species of their zone, this quantity contains the entire poultry species present in the Indian subcontinent, proven in over a hundred colour plates from famous American chicken painter John Henry Dick. The plates were prepared by means of family members in systematic order, and the writer presents concise info referring to prestige, measurement, habitat, and distribution.

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Climb tree trunks and up and around branches without using tail as support, with jerky hops or obliquely. Food, insects, nuts, seeds. Nest in lined tree holes or crevices. Eggs, 4-14. 1824. 1826. 1830. 1832. 1834. 1836. 1837. 1838. 1839. 1841. EUROPEAN NUTHATCH Sitta europaea cashmirensis EUROPEAN NUTHATCH Sitta europaea nagaensis CHESTNUTBELLIED NUTHATCH Sitta castanea WHITECHEEKED NUTHATCH Sitta leucopsis WHITETAILED NUTHATCH Sitta himalayensis ROCK NUTHATCH Sitta tephronota BEAUTIFUL NUTHATCH Sitta formosn VELVETFRONTED NUTHATCH Sitta fiontalis WALL CREEPER 7Fchodroma muraria SPOTTED GREY CREEPER Salpornis spilonotos Plate 73(4) 73(1) 73(3) 73(6) 73(2) 73(5) 73(8) 7x7) 73(9) 73(14) Family CERTHIIDAE: Tree Creepers Small arboreal birds with plumage chiefly brown to black above and white, grey or buff below.

Bill weak and small; gape wide; middle toe long with a pectinate claw. Wings long and pointed. Sexes nearly alike. Food, inseots, captured in flight. Eggs, 1-2, laid on t l ~ e hare ground. r tnacrurus COMMON INDIAN NIGHTJAR Caprimulgus asiaticus FRANKLIN'S or ALLIED MGHTJAR Caprimrclgus afinis Plate 55(10) 55(6) 55(4) 55(5) 55(3) 5x9) 55(8) 5x71 Family APODIDAE: SwifLs The most aerial of all birds. Body compact; neck short. Plumage chiefly brown or blackish, with patches of white or grey. Bill small, slighlly decurvcd, with a very large gape.

Plumage black, brown, grey or buff, streaked above and plain 01 strcaked helow. Bill slender and finely pointed. Lcgs and feet strong. Wings shon and roundcd to long and pointed. Sexes alike or nearly so. Food, chiefly insects in summer; fruits and berries in winter. Nest, neat and cup-shaped, built in trees or bushes or in a rock crevice. Eggs, 3-5. 1777 to 1779 ALPINE ACCENTOR Prunella collaris 1780. ALTAl ACCENTOR Prunella himalayana 1781. ROBIN ACCENTOR Prunella rubeculoides 1783. RUFOUSBREASTED ACCENTOR Prunella srrophiara 1784.

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