Wayne Teasdale's A monk in the world : cultivating a spiritual life PDF

By Wayne Teasdale

ISBN-10: 1577311817

ISBN-13: 9781577311812

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ISBN-13: 9781577314370

The Mystic middle chronicled Brother Wayne Teasdale’s trip right into a multifaceted spirituality mixing his conventional Catholic education and the jap approach of sannyasa (Indian monkhood). A Monk on the earth tells what that trip has intended for him — residing as a monk outdoors the monastery, integrating teachings from the world’s religions together with his personal Catholic education, combining his lively religious perform with the prerequisites of constructing a residing, and pursuing a process social justice in an incredible American urban. In telling his tale, Teasdale indicates how others can locate their very own “internal monastery” and convey non secular perform into their busy lives

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** все важнейшие персоналии священных книг;
** развернутое жизнеописание всех римских Пап;
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P. S.
"Обложка" отсутствует потому, что это подборка chm без вступительной статьи, а не потому, что автор - лентяй.

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If enough of us live this way, it could ignite a revolution. The real revolution to come is the spiritual awakening of humankind, and out of that awakening will be born a civilization of love, a universal society with an engaged heart. xxxiii chapter 1 The World As Presence and Community W e can never escape the world, no matter how much we try. Yet that is precisely what our human nature urges us to do sometimes. When I first lived in a monastery, I learned very quickly that monastic life did not afford more escape from the world than any other place.

Intuition has been choked off, especially in men. 6 The World As Presence and Community The contemplative capacity to discern the natural symbols embedded in our experience of nature is essentially an intuitive ability that everyone has but that few use. Although most people relate to nature’s beauty with enthusiasm and delight, few today understand its deeper symbolic function. Virtually every ancient and medieval culture exercised this capacity, and many Native American, Aboriginal, and African tribal societies still do.

Sin is selfishness, and we must accept a sense of solidarity with all people, realizing that they need us, and we need to be part of their struggles, their hopes, fears, and dreams. For this reason we live in the world. There is, in our age, a special need for mystics to be present in the world. Their insight, dedication to contemplation, and their heart are needed by those who seek ultimate wholeness, joy, and inner peace, all of which come from living a spiritual life. The world, especially the city, also offers opportunities for our own growth in love, mercy, compassion, kindness, and sensitivity.

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