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By Glen Cook

ISBN-10: 1597800554

ISBN-13: 9781597800556

Prior to there has been Black corporation, there has been the Dread Empire, an omnibus assortment the 1st 3 Dread Empire novels: A Shadow of All Night's Falling, October's child and All Darkness Met.

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He held a plan of the tower that had been put together for Valther by those men sharpening swords in cellars. " Turran led the way. They met no resistance till they reached the door of the council chamber at tower's top. There another bailiff tried to block their way. Leaning forward to look at their faces, he discovered the naked steel in their hands. " he cried. He scurried back, tried to close the door. But Brock and Turran used their shoulders, burst in over his sprawling form. Jerrad offered him a hand up after planting a boot on his sword.

Without realizing it, she was making the same arrogant assumptions she despised in her brothers. She hated their bold confidence, yet could not herself conceive of anything but victory on the battlefield of witchcraft. " she asked the night. Certainly it would, someday, if only when Lady Death's couriers called her name. There would be an end: victory or defeat. Yet in either she could see no escape from the cramped, exclusive society of her home. Death seemed the only path to real freedom. Oh, so terribly, she wanted done with this wearisome business of life.

And the child kept crying. The farmer, with a peasant's rough kindness, carried the boy away, comforting him, taking him where he wouldn't hear. Soon he stopped moaning and seemed to have resigned himself to this cruel whim of Fate. The old man dropped him to the cobbled street, but didn't release his hand. He had known his own sorrows, and knew loss must be soothed lest it become festering hatred. This child would someday be a man. Man and boy pushed through crowds of revelers—Execution Day was always a holiday in Ilkazar—the youngster skipping to keep pace with the farmer's long strides.

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