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II chaos I chaos 29 *================ general, chain reactions are free ~ a molecule of methane to proradical reactions. ; duce a methyl free radical and ~ a molecule of hydrogen bro, . ~U ~ ~:*: CH = = > CH * + HBr 'x, i e;.. ~U: ' ....... :. - . ~U "", ' . ,aa b' I I : tac s a romme mo ecu e to , . ~u • • ~x' ~:':U ~ produce a molecule of methyl ~.. ". u I bromide and to regenerate a bromine free radical, which For example, the reaction of ~ proceeds to react as in step (2). bromine with methane in the ~ CH3)(- + Br2 = = > CH3Br + presence of light is an example; Br* (3) of a chain reaction.

Dalton also proposed symbols ; for atoms of different elements : (later replaced by the present ~ notation using letters). I : - daltonide ~ refers to a compound that con; forms to the laws of constant : composition and multiple proI . : portIons. ]IUJrganic Chemistry =================' II 46 . • daughter 1. lClide (the parent). •=-. :V: \ * . _. " ," __ ~ .... _. ;.. _ I deamination the term used for abstraction or replacement ofthe amino group in organic substances . ,===: : • debye effect ~ selective absorption ofhertzian ; waves h"l dielectrics, because of ~ app~ent existence of molecu: lar dipoles.

The formation of such coordination complexes is typical behaviour of TransiI tionMetals. -L~ ~ • convection convection is the process Py which heat is transferred from one part of a fluid to another by movement of the fluid itself. There are two methods in which this can be carried out. penlanedionato)iron(IIIJ . corrosIOn : corrosion is the chemical changes which occurs in a maI • II ================_ IfW11/""" Chemistry II corrosion cells I covalent borul terial over time due to its contact with air or moisture, and which result in the loss of physical strength and the mechanical properties of the material, rendering it unsuitable for its intended use.

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