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R. W. Ferrero and S. M. Shahidehpour, Energy interchange in deregulated power system, Elec. , 18: 251–258, May 1996. 21. X. Bai and S. M. Shahidehpour, Hydrothermal scheduling by tabu search and decomposition method, IEEE Trans. , 11: 968–975, 1996. 22. F. , Spot Pricing of Electricity, Boston: Kluwer, 1988. 23. A. I. Cohen and S. H. Wan, A method for solving the fuel constrained unit commitment problem, IEEE Trans. , 6: 608–614, 1987. ELECTRIC MACHINE ANALYSIS AND SIMULATION 24. S. J. , Short-term generation scheduling with transmission and environmental constraints using an augmented Lagrangian relaxation, IEEE Trans.

These technologies generate high temperatures by using mirrors to concentrate the sun’s energy up to 5000 times its normal intensity. This heat is then used to generate electricity for a variety of market applications, ranging from remote power 307 needs as small as a few kilowatts up to grid-connected applications of 200 MW or more. Solar-thermal electricity provides electricity for grid-connected applications at the lowest price available today, and it has the potential for further, significant cost reductions.

Now, GENCO A plays the game against GENCO B using their bids. GENCO’s objective is to maximize its profits by modifying the slope of the bid curve for each generator. While modifying the bid for each generator, the sell or buy option is checked by comparing profits at each hour in the time horizon. After calculating the modified load at each hour, we apply unit commitment. The results are shown in Table 3 where units that are shown in italics change status. From the results, at hour 18, GENCO B’s dominant strategy is to bid high.

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